AliKat Moves is a dance and fitness company owned by Ali Struyk, a licensed Zumba® Instructor as well as an accomplished choreographer for local high school musicals in the Boston Metrowest area.  Zumba® classes and more are offered at their Framingham studio at Mass Ballet.

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Ali's Team


Beth started taking Zumba® classes with Ali in November 2009 and absolutely loved it!  She received herZumba® Instructor license in April 2010 and has been teaching Zumba® classes since September 2010.  Dancing is one of her absolute favorite things to do and she tends to do so just about everywhere she goes.  


Beth loves teaching Zumba® because anyone can do it.  It is not about doing the steps the exact way the instructor or the person next to you is doing them.  It is about moving your body and having fun!   You don't need a dance or fitness background to enjoy it.  She also loves helping people get healthy by being active! 


Krista started taking classes with Ali in July 2013. Krista, on a weight loss journey of her own, knew she needed to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of eating smarter and getting daily exercise at AliKat Moves, she was able to lose 50lbs and has been able to maintain that weight loss...with hard work and a supportive, safe, welcoming environment to do it in.


As a Special Education teacher, she strongly believes in teamwork, dedication, perseverance and support in order to meet your individualized goals. With the encouragement of Ali, she decided to become a licensed Zumba® instructor in January 2014. To her, being healthy isn't just a number. It's how you feel and how you choose to live your life. Krista wants to be an inspiration to all the members at AliKat Moves, just as Ali was to her. Seeing people come into class excited and leaving smiling, sweaty and accomplished is a huge reward!


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